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Talent idea
The core concept of Hui Guan is the "dream, fair and share company efforts as a result of each employee to create a realize dream of their own platform, and the establishment of a fair mechanism for all employees to get into full play, so that all the struggle who share in the company.
The core of the concept of "striving to be the" is the core of the research into the benefits of the crown.
Companies have been regarded as the most valuable resource for enterprises.
Love genius
Partial protection
Treasure the Wizards
Is the concept of talent to adhere to the crown.
There is a vast platform - we create countless classics, and maintain the direction of the lead, and constantly self transcendence;
There are endless creative ideas - we firmly believe that creativity is productivity, innovation can change the future;
Here is a good culture - we advocate a dream, fair share;
Here is the young power - we have the dream and the drive, the struggle to let the glory of life bloom.
You may not be the traditional media, advertising, public relations, planning, lawyers, HR and finance minister. Can also be a sales talent, market experts and IT experts. Ambition and determination has nothing to do with your resume. We are creative and passion, to the attitude and ambition to personal independence of conduct! Phoenix, Hui Guan company will usher in a new gorgeous transformation, all waiting for you to detonate!
Top management in the top five quality
Diversified knowledge quality
The intellectual quality of creative thinking
The quality of the character of the unconditional completion task
The consciousness quality of the strong cause
The fusion quality of harmony but not sameness
Have these five qualities of the people is the general and pillar. Knowledge is their foundation, intelligence is their capital, character is their soul, consciousness is their spirit, fusion is their team machinery to coordinate the operation of the efficient lubricant. They are Chinese in market economy truly great men.
Fringe benefits
Based on salary and bonus, with insurance and fund as a guarantee, with benefits and allowances as the complement of the compensation system
Good personal career planning guidance and perfect training system
Statutory holidays and flexible holiday system<
Important holiday gifts and condolences
Annual tourism and other activities of Kangle
Provide dormitory and other complete logistic service
Internal promotion, overseas training, overseas job opportunities
Garden style office environment, unique cultural atmosphere
Others such as filial piety award, parental leave and children's education funding and so on