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The delicate silk and maintenance rules
Time:2016/1/11 16:03:29

Maintenance of scarves, should pay special attention to the following points:
1, to participate in the banquet, a grand occasion, scarf can make you look more beautiful style, but never will sprinkle perfume or powder spray directly on the scarf.
2, silk by friction, when in use, do not always in the same position in a knot, otherwise it is easy to make the site lost their luster, or pilling son.
3, the scarf to keep dry, avoid direct contact with insecticide. Want to deal with the scarf dirt or spots, it is recommended send reputable professional dry cleaners. (how to kind of dirt, waste time, whether processed, etc.) are introduced in detail.
4, scarves appear wrinkles, can low iron in the back cloth.
5, silk scarves available trousers hanging special clothes hanger ingathering, scarf clip hanging on a piece of brick, can avoid the occurrence of folds; relaxation of folding material scarf best rolled into cylindrical, used in the ventilation of the round box. Do not use hanger; large size scarf can be directly in a suit of armor, folded into a triangle and a suit of armour on a hanger, can prevent the occurrence of folds, this way can be continuous overlap three silk scarf is also no problem.
The law of ironing scarves
In the warm hot - silk.
The scarf tails, since the 1/4 slowly transverse ironing. Be careful not to press hot to the edge of the seam.
Synthetic fiber: low temperature steam ironing.
The scarf tails, covered with a piece of cloth, like the way of ironing silk fabrics. Note that man-made fiber is not resistant to high fever, so the ironing is required to bring a little iron, the whole hot time is not too long.
This blended fiber -- low temperature steam ironing.
The scarf heads, hanging on the rack. Do not direct the iron pressure on the scarf, as long as the heat will fold to heal. May also be hanging in the bathroom, the mist generated by blowing bath, effectively eliminate the wrinkles.
* - temperature steam ironing in wool.
Will scarves, face upward, slightly raise iron, do not come into direct contact with fiber steam blowing to ironing. Finally, with the brush comb and adjust the direction of fiber.
Love is love - scarves, your own delicate.