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What is brushed silk? What are the advantages and disadvantages?
Time:2016/1/11 16:05:42

First: the silk long towel is just mulberry silk? No
Silk is the floorboard of mulberry silk (Mulberry), tussah silk (tussah), mulbery spun silk Sang Juan, tussah silk (tussah), sang the axoneme Sang Zhou, tussah axoneme (equal axis), castor silk (comb).
Second: silk is soft and smooth feel? More not!!!
In order to make the silk suit the needs of the variety of clothing, the process of the past ten years has been transformed to make the silk completely different from the feeling of the silk.
Now according to the performance of silk fabric, that is classified according to the fabric texture and visual effects, silk to divided into crepe de chine and Georgette, kabe crepe, Shun Yu, taffeta, habotai, thin yarn, spun silk, silk, double Palace, bumps, star pattern, rib, flex, section, and grid, and cool thoroughly, yarn dyed, double-sided, bump, Yamagata, flowers, repair flowers, light, no light, flash, light, life, special staining, Chine, brushed, velvet, kimono, a.
Winter, the scarf is indispensable accessories, Spring Festival is approaching, on the market in addition to the traditional cashmere, wool scarf, also appeared in the a new silk fleece scarf, the superfine fleece processing techniques developed for the new high-grade silk products, let the traditional silk thoroughly "face", breaking the cold not around the limitations of the silk scarf.
With the traditional silk single braid, scarves of silk brushed with 100% high quality pure natural silk three-dimensional braiding, warmth retention property is better. Brushed, known as "the second skin of human body", scarf surface ventilation holes, similar to human skin tissue, suitable for micro climate requirements of human body, and very soft, so enclosed very comfortable, not like texture scarf of cashmere and wool have tie neck problems. At the same time warm, moisturizing and health.
With silk Fleece Scarf popular, now on the market appeared many "brushed" under the banner of the name but no "silk" of the real scarf, experts, through the eyes and hands to authenticity and quality of differential silk fleece scarf. Selection of high quality pure natural silk made of fleece scarf, silk soft luster, no glare and chemical fiber fabric luster not soft, bright and dazzling; quality brushed silk scarf feels soft, close to the skin smooth and comfortable. For consumers, the most simple direct identification method is to use the fire. If mulberry silkworm silk as raw material, the burning smell, it is difficult to continue to burn, will be self extinguishing, ash was powder. The chemical products are oil refining, will burn in, while burning without the smell of protein. Cashmere burning and silk almost, only need to see the naked eye can distinguish between the two